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Progress So Far & Exciting News

August 3, 2019

It’s been quite a year at Shetland Yard! Since we moved in May 2018, we have made extensive updates to the farm and welcomed two foals to our family.


Rapscallion was born at the Hatchery May 25, 2018 to Porsche and our Shetland Pony stallion, Scallywag.



Mother: Porsche


Sire: Scallywag



Our newest addition is Juniper, (aka June Bug). Born to her very proud mother, Coya on June 4, 2019.

Juniper is half Quarter Horse, half Welsh Pony. Her sire is


Mother: Coya


Sire: *Cadlanvalley Manhatten

Natassja received her certification in Embodied Assisted Equine Therapy and is now offering Therapeutic Equine sessions in addition to riding lessons. Find out more about these sessions


Some of our ponies are now at the Woolwich location and have been undergoing training in driving and riding (for very small riders!) with the help of 

Hana Poulin training 2 year-old Pillywiggins.

When we moved to the farm last year, we knew we were undertaking a mountain of tasks. We have come farther in this first year than we ever imagined and are proud to the updates and changes we’ve made to this beautiful property.


Our top priority was cleaning up the indoor ring. It used to house a hay loft, but we felt it was important to allow full use of the large indoor riding arena. We tore down the loft and added two sheds, separate from the main barn, for hay storage.


We added more pastures with solid wood fences and fixed up the fence of the previous large pasture. We even expanded the large pasture the hill. Because who wouldn’t want horses coming right up to the house?


We have removed many of the trees that had fallen around the property in years past. The drainage problem that was causing issues in the pastures has been fixed. We replaced the old barn doors, which kept the barn warm all winter long. Most recently we have redone and extended the driveway. We planted a cherry blossom tree in the center of the circular driveway. We can’t wait to see the first spring that comes into bloom!





This is just a taste of all the work that we’ve been putting into this lovely property over the past year. We are so proud of how far we’ve come, and we still have more to do. Some of our upcoming projects include:

  • Changing the arena doors

  • Adding a shed on the backside of the barn facing the large pasture

  • Reseeding the main pasture

Down the road we are excited to say we have estimates and plans to add an outdoor riding arena and completely redesign the pasture connecting to the indoor arena.

Come by and see the changes for yourself! We'll be happy to show you around.

Shetland Yard has taken up residence in Woolwich, Maine!

May 14, 2018

Natassja Voltin and Stobie Piel bought the farm known as Grassi Knoll.


We will be offering limited boarding, lessons, (with a focus on new riders especially). Natassja will be hosting, giving lessons, and taking care of the horses. While they handle the big horses, and monitor Scallywag and Rumpus, the mares and babies will remain in Harpswell, at Shetland Yard: The Hatchery


For the horses themselves, our focus will be, first and foremost, the best care & feed we can provide. Our horses will have ample turnout, and as we improve the pastures, ample grazing from spring through fall.


Throughout the summer, and beyond, we’ll be doing renovations, landscaping, and additions. Fences are moving and being replaced, the fields are being tilled and seeded, the indoor ring is being revamped, and we are adding a new hay shed for safe storage. Following these modifications, we plan to install an outdoor ring. We will update our progress on our social media sites so everyone can follow along with the exciting changes!



Most importantly, we are absolutely set on not overloading the farm and pastures. We have 9 stalls (and we’re building another in the garage for the ponies) and we don’t intend to go beyond that number. We’ll be able to board possibly three horses, but our primary focus will be on lessons and nature rides. We want the farm to feel like a retreat, somewhere safe and comfortable, a place to spiritually recharge in the presence of these beautiful, giving animal friends.

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