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About Therapeutic Equine Sessions

Equine-Assisted Emotional-Spiritual Growth

Equine Assisted Emotional-Spiritual Growth is a division of Equine Therapy. Sessions are guided by Natassja Voltin, who is certified in Embodied Assisted Equine Therapy. Its focus is on helping the client become more centered, grounded and aware of their body and surroundings (embodied) as a means of emotional healing.

Due to the personalized nature of this work, sessions will vary with each client.

The first appointment will run through the basics, regardless if the client is a beginner or experienced rider. Grooming and groundwork are essential first steps to form a connection between the client and horses.

Horses act as natural guides, providing a unique reflection of the client’s emotional state. Not all sessions will necessarily include riding. Working within this system the client becomes more connected to their emotions, developing an emotional self-awareness. 

The goal of this work is for the client to become more grounded, connected and present with one’s emotions, and to walk away with the tools and confidence to self-regulate.

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